New Hires in Social Gaming: 6 Waves, CrowdStar, PushButton Labs, & More

The hiring by social game developers has picked up this week, according to the data presented on LinkedIn. Most of the major companies are on the list this time as well as a few others we were otherwise informed about. The big news social gaming hire news, which we’ve already covered, was CrowdStar’s official announcement of its new executive team hires. To recap, Pete Hawley joined as Vice President of Product Development, Mark Hull as Vice President of Product Marketing and Community, Mike Ouye as Vice President of Monetization and Merchandising, and Robert Einspruch as Director of Business Development.

Here’s the list:

6 Waves

  • Juan Vargas – International developer 6 Waves had some action this week as Juan Vargas joins as Director of Latin America. Formerly he was Global Consumer Group Management Associate of the Central Marketing Office at Citigroup.


  • Ashley Boyd – Ashyley joins CrowdStar as their latest Flash Artist. Prior experience stems from Redbana. U.S. where she was a 2D Production Artist.
  • Robert Einspruch – As was noted prior, the former Consultant for MumboJumbo, LLCis now the Director of Business Development at CrowdStar.
  • Mark Hull – Mark Hull, on the other hand, joins as Vice President of Product Marketing and Community. Though he hasn’t yet been updated in the company’s LinkedIn data, his prior work came from Vivaty, iWin, and Yahoo.


  • Chris Znerold – Formerly an Interactive Art Director at Zenzi, Chris joins Playdom as its newest Interactive Designer.
  • JD Conley – Evidently part of the Hive7 acquisition, where he was CTO and Chief Software Architect, JD Conley joins Playdom as a Dev Lead.
  • James Kelly – Leaving his role as Senior Software Engineer for TicketWeb, James takes on the same title over at Playdom.
  • Zhen Cao – Zhen gets a promotion, it seems, moving up to Senior Producer. His prior roll at the company was Software Engineer.
  • Taylor Adams – Taylor Adams gets similar treatment, moving up from Revenue Analyst to Senior Revenue Analyst.
  • Steve Makofsky – He joins Playdom as its new Vice President of Mobile Platforms. Thanks to our commenters for the tip.


  • Kevin Hew – He joins Playfish as its latest Game Developer. Before this, Kevin worked the same role for Glu Mobile.
  • Joysuke Wong – Formerly a Freelance Digital Artist for mod7, Joysuke is now an official Game Artist for Playfish.

PushButton Labs

  • Keith Johnston – Though not part of our LinkedIn research, we were informed of Keith Johnston’s hiring at PushButton Labs by the developer themselves. He joins as their newest Flash Developer, with prior experience with GarageGames with the game TubeTwist. His last role was at VMware.
  • Jon Tunnell – A graduate from the University of Oregon, Jon gets his chance at PushButton Labs as the company’s newest Game Designer.


  • Linda Hong – Linda is the newest Web Designer and Production Artist for RockYou!, coming over from her role as a Field Marketing Specialist for Adobe Systems.
  • Benjamin Sasson – He is now a Product Manager for RockYou! Prior, he worked as a Senior Web Content Designer for Sony Computer Entertainment America.


  • Jay Monahan – The former Vice President and General Counsel for Vuze, Jay Monahan, comes over to Zynga as its new Deputy General Counsel.
  • John W. Osvald – Another for the job changing area as John changes his role at Zynga from Director of Product to Deputy GM.