New hires in social games: Social Point and Big Viking Games


Due to changes in the way Linkedin displays hiring information we have have changed the format of our weekly new hires posts. Companies who want their new hires included in the post must contact us directly at mail (at) insidesocialgames (dot) com.

Hiring in the social games sector was up this week with 29 new hires overall between two companies. Social Point reported the most activity, updating us with 27 new hires they made in the past few months. There were no high profile hires to report this week.

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Big Viking Games

  • Tom Gwozdz, Software Developer — Gwozdz has several years of experience, most recently at Antic Entertainment.
  • Guillaume Couture-Levesque, Software Developer — Couture-Levesque has more than 5 years of professional experience, most recently with IBM.

Social Point

  • Jean-Laurent Wotton, CRO — Wotton was Director of performance marketing at Badoo.
  • José Luis Cantos Lechuga, Product Owner — Lechuga worked as product manager mobile at Spil Games.
  • Daniel Andrés Alonso Vélez, Project Manager — Vélez used to be a Jr. Producer at Digital Legends Entertainment.
  • Martin Griffin Alan, Project Manager — Alan was formerly a project manager at EF Education.
  • Christoph Bruger, Game Balancer — Bruger was previously at Goodgame Studios.
  • Alejandra Saiz Xibille, Data Analyst — Xibille came to Social Point from SDG Consulting where she was Consultora.
  • Julián Serrano Cazallas, Game Designer — Cazallas was a project manager and game designer at Red Candle Studio.
  • Pablo Fernández Morenilla, Technical Artist/Interface Designer — Morenilla was an illustrator and graphic designer at Indeep.
  • María Muñoz Pozuelo, Illustrator — Pozuelo used to work at Blinzy Studios as a 2D artist.
  • Sebastián Fábrega, Animator — Fábrega also joined the company in this latest round of hires.
  • Victor González Irimia, Mobile Developer — Irimia used to be a freelance Android and iOS developer.
  • Marc Cuscullola Masip, Mobile Developer — Masip worked as a QC Technician and Engine Programmer at Ubisoft.
  • Xavier de la Fuente Caballe, Mobile Developer — Caballe was formerly a programmer at Mobetia.
  • Ricardo Valverde Horcaja, Mobile Developer — Horcaja was previously a GUI Designer and Programmer at E2M Tallers Electro-Mecànics.
  • Antoni Domingo Ortells, Mobile Developer — Ortells comes to Social Point from Codiwans where he was a video game programmer.
  • Roberto García, Mobile Developer — García was last employed at MeriStation Magazine.
  • Ian Monge Perez, PHP Developer — Before joining Social Point Perez was CTO of OcioMedia.
  • Javier Exposito Fernández, PHP Developer — Most recently Fernández was Analista programador at
  • Antar Moratona Franco, PHP Developer — Franco was formerly at Undead Coders.
  • Enrique Salvador Montegut, QA Tester — Montegut also joined the company recently.
  • Álvaro Medina Agraz, QA Tester — Agraz comes to Social Point from Dolores Entertainment
  • Aurelio Provedo Cobos, QA Tester — Cobos was previously a playtester at Digital Legends Entertainment.
  • Jon Busquets del Alamo, QA Tester — del Alamo was formerly a Spanish Linguistic Tester at Enzyme Testing Labs.
  • Lidia Rodríguez Goméz, QA Tester — Goméz was a Localization QA Tester at Activision-Blizzard
  • Eduardo Caldrón López, Flash Developer — López worked as Technical Director at Teravision games.
  • Alberto Piantanida, Flash Developer — Piantanida was recently a Senior Flash Platform Developer at Inside a bit.
  • Fco. Javier Ruiz Bautista, Help Desk — Bautista comes to Social Point from Entelgy where he was Técnico Operador en Administración de Sistemas Informáticos.