New hires in mobile games: Wooga, NaturalMotion and more


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Hiring in the mobile apps sector was up this week with 21 new hires overall between four companies. NaturalMotion reported the most activity with 12 new hires. The highest profile hire of the week was John Doerr who joined Flipboard as an adviser.

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  • Mark Poeppelmeier, Game Analyst — Poeppelmeier was previously a Trader and Quantitative Analyst at Superfund.


  • John Doerr, Adviser — Doerr is also a venture capitalist and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner.


  • Virginia Balfour, Product Lead — Balfour was previously the Managing Producer at Club Penguin.
  • Pete Hitchin, QA Tester — Hitchin was formerly Test Lead at Epicentre.
  • Malachy O’Neill, Applications Test Manager — O’Neill joins NaturalMotion from Microsoft Games Studio.
  • Seema Vyas, Finance Assistant — Vyas joins NaturalMotion from Oxfam.
  • Peter Ford, Artist — Ford comes to NaturalMotion from 3D Outsource.
  • David Rolfe, Artist — Rolfe was previously at KNIFEDGE.
  • Tashan Bhalla, QA Tester — Bhalla is new to the industry.
  • Andrew Lightwing, QA Tester — Lightwing is also new to the indnustry.
  • Daniel Barnes, Head of User Acquisition and Monitization — Barnes formerly worked at Machine Zone.
  • Lawrence Alexander, UI Artist — Alexander was previously Lead Designer at Chromativity.
  • Nadim DeGouveia-Akhtar, UI Artist — DeGouveia-Akhtar used to work at Ideaworks.
  • Tracy Newton-Blows, head of HR — Newton-Blows was HR Operations Director at Digital Entertainment.


  • Daniel Friedman, Game Artist — Friedman worked as a 3D animator at Plarium LTD.
  • Viitor Gomes Rodrigues, Engineer — Rodrigues was Senior Game Developer at Glu Mobile.
  • Florian Odronitz, Engineer — Odronitz co-founded twofloats.
  • Simon Rácz, Engineer — Rácz previously was Android Core Team Lead at UStream.
  • Anke Schumacher, Controller — Schumacher was Mitarbeiterin Controlling at Air Berlin.
  • Timo Voß, Financial Accountant — Voß was formerly Mitarbeiter Kreditorenbuchhaltung at Deutsche Telekom Accounting GmbH.
  • Nadia Zryanina, Engineer — Zryanina used to be a Java Developer at Home24.