New hires in mobile apps: Wooga, Akamon and DeNA

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Hiring in the mobile apps sector was up this week with only 21 new hires overall between six companies. Akamon reported the most activity with seven new hires. The highest profile hire of the week was Charles Yim who joined PlayHaven as its Chief Operating Officer. Yim was formerly  head of mobile application partnerships at Google.

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  • Emiliano Córdoba, Mobile Project Manager — Córdoba was PM and Art Director at Clarin Global.
  • Pedro Torres, Mobile programmer — Torres is a new addition to the company.
  • Sergio García, Designer — García is another new hire at Akamon.
  • Xavier Heras, Developer — Heras was a lead game designer at Tanoku.
  • José Navarro, Traditional Game Artist — Navarro is also new to the company.
  • Victor Manuel Boliches, Flash games designer — Boliches was also hired in this latest mobile-focused round.
  • Phil Delude, Head of RAI — Delude will report directly to Akamon’s director of marketing.


  • Kumiko Hida, Executive Assistant – Hida was previously a product coordinator at Bath Simple.
  • Andrew So, Developer Operations Engineer – So worked as a system administrator at bitgravity/TATA.
  • Susan Wilson, Senior Technical Recruiter – Wilson was a HR Business Partner at Google.
  • Menierva Maniling, Staff Accountant — Maniling also joins DeNA.
  • Jyotirmoy Sundi, Analytics Software Engineer — Sundi was also hired in this latest round.


  • Chase Beacham, Community Manager — Beacham was the Co-founder and online community manager for before joining the team at Funtactix.
  • Matt Plotecher, Game Designer — Plotcher has more than seven years of experience in Game Design, most recently with Arkadium.


  • Charles Yim, Chief Operating Officer — Yim was previously head of mobile application partnerships at Google.


  • Paul Etherington, Java Server Engineer — Etherington  previously worked for various investment banks in the City of London.


  • Samet Durgun, Marketing Manager — Durgun worked as a business development consultant at Oracle.
  • Jack Gilson, Senior Game Artist — Gilson was employed as an art director at Beatnik Games.
  • Astrid Castle, Game Artist — Castle worked as a freelancer, previously.
  • Reginaldo Valadares, Product Lead — Valadares was a head of studio at Glu Mobile.
  • Anna Wening, Office Manager — Wening was formerly an office and account manager at irema Relocation Services.

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