New hires in mobile apps: NaturalMotion, Apple and more

Hiring in the mobile apps sector was up this week with 28 new hires overall between 14 companies. Based on information from LinkedIn and other sources, NaturalMotion reported the most activity with five new hires. The highest profile promotions of the week are Craig Federighi and Dan Riccio, who are now Senior vice president Mac Software Engineering vice president Mac Software Engineering, respectively.

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If you want to know who else is hiring, the Inside Network Job Board showcases current openings with the industry’s leading companies.

Andreessen Horowitz

  • Kyle Carbine, Market/Business developer — Carbine comes to Anderssen Horowitz from EIX ESTELS.


  • Craig Federighi, senior vice president Mac Software Engineering — Federighi was promoted from his previous position as Apple’s vice president of Mac Software Engineering.
  • Dan Riccio, senior vice president Mac Software Engineering — Riccio was promoted from his former position as Apple’s vice president of Hardware Engineering.

EA PopCap 

  • Andrea Gallagher, HR and Workforce Culture Specialist — Gallagher was HR officer at Logistel International Services.


  • Nicolas Naillon, Translator-writer — Before joining Gameloft Naillon used to work at Square Enix.
  • Christopher Fady, Game Monetization Manager — Fady worked at companies like BNP Paribas, Amundi and International Data Centre Group before coming to Gameloft.
  • Emiliano Arrúa Curti, HD Games Producer — Curti formerly worked at Achilles Group Limited.
  • Kaye Espinosa, BI – Market Surveyor — Espinosa joins Gameloft from Emerson Network Power.


  • Michael Wright, Partner Manager, North America — Wright’s title was previously business development, sprout platform at InMobi.
  • Veeresh Sarangmath, Consultant(Web Developer/ Designer) — Sarangmath used to work at Open Juice Limited.
  • Rupa Satrasala, Senior Solution Integration Engineer — Satrasala title was previously Technical Lead at InMobi.


  • Matt Yun, Business Development — Yun worked at Merrill Lynch before joining kiip.

Millennial Media

  • Mike Canterbury, Campaign Analyst — Canterbury used to work at Madison Avenue Incorporated.


  • Nathan Hall, QA Tester — Hall perviously worked at Rare Ltd.
  • Marissa Rawlings, Character Artist — Rawlings joined NaturalMotion from DigiPen and Microsoft.
  • Daisy Church, Project Manager, Art Direction — Church formerly worked at CrowdStar as art lead.
  • Andrew Carter, Product Analyst — Carter was studying for his PhD in Astrophysics before joining NaturalMotion.
  • Gary Butler, Software Engineer — Butler recently graduated with a First in his BSc in Computer Science.


  • Alexander Pekelis, Senior Java/JEE Developer — Pekelis used to work at Opal Technologies.


  • David Wright, Game Producer — Wright joins Plumbee from Games Warehouse.
  • Fabrice Etienne, Head of CRM (consultant) — Eitenee used to work at EA where he was international marketing director.
  • Dennis Waldron, Automated Systems Engineer — Waldron joined Plumbee from CERN where he was a Software Engineer.


  • Jaakko Holopainen, Senior Technology Programmer — Holopainen was previously technical architect at Digital Chocolate.
  • Alexandre FERRERO, Junior Game Artist — FERRERO received his education at LISAA.

Socially Bright

  • Jean-Marie Ferdegue, Technical Director – Ferdegue was formerly managing director at Nokdo.
  • Leanne Page, Project Manager – Page was formerly product executive at uSwitch.


  • Yufei Wang, Software Engineer — Wang received her Master of Science (M.S.) at University of Pennsylvania.


  • Candice Herschkorn, Account Manager — Herschkorn was a producer at House Party, Inc.

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