New Hampshire, The Candidates and the Press

Some interesting pieces out today about press coverage in New Hampshire:

  • Slate calls C-SPAN “the best campaign coverage on TV.”

  • Some thoughts on the media’s love for John McCain (via Romenesko).

  • And Howie Kurtz looks at journo love for Obama and says “Bad Press? Giuliani Gets It Good.”

  • Guardian’s Suzanne Goldenberg gets an inside look at the Obama’s campaign press strategy.

  • And Bill Richardson press secretary Tom Reynolds slams journos:

      “The overall coverage of this race by the national media has been abysmal,” Reynolds said. “The national political reporters have chosen to script this race rather than report on it. . . . They’ve chosen to focus on celebrity and stardom, rather than substance and real policy. . . . Voters don’t care about leaked campaign memos or the backbiting he-said-she-said. They want to know what you’re going to do about education, how you’re going to fix health care.”