Twitter Reacts To New Gotham Font

Twitter Reacts To New Gotham Font

Twitter made the bold step of changing its web font on Friday and discerning Twitter users spotted the change. The font was only updated on the web version of Twitter and the mobile interface used on smartphones and tablets remains unchanged.

Twitter changed their web font from Helvetica Neue to Gotham Narrow. They announced the news via a tweet on Twitter’s support account.


In replies to the tweet, many Twitter users simply wondered “Why?” while others praised the “Nice design and beautiful font.” While only being a small change, the reaction shows just how ardent Twitter’s user base can be about even minor details.

The small change comes in the wake of Twitter’s update to its profile page. That redesign was a major overhaul which involved users having to rethink the way they presented their information and images. This change won’t have such a major impact, but some of the more exacting folks will certainly wonder why they weren’t at least given an option here. In terms of reacting to Twitter’s reaction, I feel user Permanent140 drudged up the appropriate response to the issue.


What do you think about the new font? Let us know below.

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