New Gmail Extension Allows You to Be Even More OCD Over Pitches


So last month while we were sleeping, Google released a new Chrome/Gmail extension called Streak that allows you to see when recipients read your outgoing emails.

We’re a little glad that we didn’t hear about it upon release, because the appropriate adjectives used to describe it include “horrifying” and “creepy.”

Not only can you see when someone opened your message; you can also see where they did it if they used a mobile device. And while recipients won’t know whether you’re using it, the only way for them to opt-out is to block images in incoming messages. Who would do that?

The extension could certainly be helpful for internal communications, letting you know whether your team members are really ignoring you. But it seems like a terrible idea for a media relations tool.

  • First, the extension would allow you to see how many journalists and other contacts don’t bother to open your emails—not to mention how many do open them but never respond.
  • Second, it opens the possibly of following up with an “I see that you read my email and wanted to check back to see whether you’re interested” message.

We understand how frustrating the pitching process can be at times, and we feel like this extension could be a disastrous Pandora’s Box that only makes the whole experience more unnerving.

Has anyone used Streak? If so, has it been helpful in any way?