New Genres Make Year-End Appearances on This Week’s Top 20 Emerging Social Games List

2010 is showing shows its promise for gaming success on Facebook according to our AppData numbers for the week ending December 31.

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Three Kingdoms Online – Best Browser Game of 2009!257,675+137,617+53.41
2. Warstorm220,980+113,117+51.19
3. Nindou International236,403+98,558+41.69
4. COLLAPSE!759,514+72,174+9.50
5. My Town144,404+63,230+43.79
6. Say Merry Christmas373,499+60,394+16.17
7. Songs959,697+60,142+6.27
8. Ask a Friend802,262+55,097+6.87
9. Friend Block803,289+52,001+6.47
10. Bite Me386,009+51,010+13.21
11. Tarjetas Animadas – Navidad114,750+45,143+39.34
12. Happy Habitat440,639+44,461+10.09
13. 點歌零距離172,200+40,585+23.57
14. Ninja Warz560,890+40,413+7.21
15. 歡樂癲地 Funland492,876+35,031+7.11
16. Doorbell738,826+34,298+4.64
17. GridIron Live Football188,729+31,703+16.80
18. Dogbook802,435+30,703+3.83
19. Christmas Friends Tree302,491+28,898+9.55
20. Poll769,180+20,955+2.72

To new readers, the emerging list is comprised of the 20 Facebook apps that both grew by the most monthly active users in the past 7 days and ended the week with between 100,000 and 1 million monthly active users. It is a way to see potentially big titles on their way up the charts.

Its moniker of “Best Browser Game of 2009!” might be a bit overstated and self-absorbed, but this week the game based off the book of the same rose the most of any title on the top 20. Three Kingdoms Online – Best Browser Game of 2009! grew 50 percent this week — 138,000 — to come in first. Its MAU is small, at 258,000 but this could be an app to watch in January.

Warstorm is a fantasy strategy game that rose ten spots from last week. It comes in second in both placement on the list and as the second strategy game on the list behind Three Kingdoms. It was also released in December. Does this mean strategy is the new farming genre for 2010? Maybe. But hopefully what it means is that developers are branching out into new genre’s overall.

Fighting-style role playing game Nindou International has risen 42 percent or 99,000 players and lands on the list at third place. Fourth place belongs to puzzle game COLLAPSE!. A color elimination game, the app rose three spots this week and added about 72,000 new players for an MAU of 780,000.

Fifth place is the first appearance of a farming-care game on the list. My Town takes a page from the Sims and Animal Crossing. Players collect rare pieces to build a bigger city/town. This is different from other simulations in that it does not feature caring for the characters as its first priority, but experimenting with the lives of your virtual town and sharing results with friends. My Town rose to 144,000 MAU this week and was released in November.

Christmas apps on the way down with Say Merry Christmas, Tarjetas Animadas – Navidad and Christmas Friends Tree belatedly making it today.

We also congratulate Bubble Popp and Tiki Farm‘s developers for the titles earning over 1 million MAU. The titles were regular performers on the emerging list and have now surpassed it.