New Gap Campaign Integrates with RockYou’s “Pieces of Flair” Facebook Application

The Gap is partnering with RockYou for its new “Vote For ___” campaign, allowing Facebook users to send content discovered on to their Facebook friends’ profile pages using RockYou’s recently acquired Pieces of Flair application. Gap content can also be found by going directly to the Pieces of Flair app.

The campaign nicely takes advantage of Pieces of Flair’s content sharing and self expression functionality to integrate The Gap’s brand in a natural way. Users are encouraged to send “‘Vote For’ flair” from a branded page, and can also display the “flair” that they receive on a Gap Jeans background.

RockYou, one of the largest developers on the Facebook Platform, both runs its own ad network for Facebook apps and sells sponsorships into its apps directly.

We’ll be staying on top of the latest campaigns by big brands as marketers increasingly engage Facebook users via Facebook Platform applications.