New Games and Sharing Apps Top This Week’s List of Facebook Gainers by DAU

The last week was a big one for Zynga, which found a new hit in Treasure Isle. The treasure-hunting game picked up an impressive 2.7 million daily active users to lead this week’s list of fastest gainers by DAU, although it won’t necessarily hang onto all of its new users.

Both Treasure Isle and Hotel City, by Playfish, are new to the field. Though not fads quite at the scale of farming or fish games, each is now the leader of their own small group of similar pre-existing games, just as Playdom’s Social City recently shot up to become top dog in the city building category.

We’ll talk about the rest of the games in more detail at Inside Social Games. Here’s the full AppData list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Treasure Isle4,383,461+2,730,691+165.22
2.icon Hotel City2,638,497+942,891+55.61
3.icon Birthday Cards1,808,120+374,046+26.08
4.icon Daily Photo484,163+203,786+72.68
5.icon Zoo Paradise808,372+178,983+28.44
6.icon Facebook for iPhone16,129,391+173,436+1.09
7.icon Family Feud414,659+172,410+71.17
8.icon Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones9,596,600+166,574+1.77
9.icon Happy Pets1,720,771+165,795+10.66
10.icon LivingSocial161,029+120,081+293.25
11.icon Happy Aquarium4,296,714+115,003+2.75
12.icon Happy Island2,646,166+114,452+4.52
13.icon Causes1,147,660+113,834+11.01
14.icon Mall World131,472+107,106+439.57
15.icon Tiki Resort940,072+89,556+10.53
16.icon Ninja Saga934,149+87,213+10.30
17.icon Your Luck [daily]440,300+80,465+22.36
18.icon Lover Of The Day130,508+80,403+160.47
19.icon Pet Society4,079,277+80,057+2.00
20.icon Entrevista tus Amigos322,557+79,704+32.82

Birthday Cards, the largest gifting app on Facebook, is continuing a long slide in monthly active users, recently down to 37 million. The DAU picture isn’t quite as clear. Cards’ DAU numbers have spiked up and down over the past month, with only the last week becoming stable enough to show the app averaging 4-5 percent of its MAU as DAU.

The next app down is Daily Photo, which like Cards isn’t really growing. Our DAU snapshot does reveal what appears to have been a short-lived suspension of the app by Facebook, though, with the recovery resulting in the 203,786 DAU gain you see above. Comments by users suggest that the app may be pushing too hard with its automatic wall posts and advertising.

Skipping down to number ten, LivingSocial looks as if it may have begun an ad campaign to stem its own slow losses. Actually, there are only two non-game apps on the list that are making real gains: Your Luck [daily] and Lover Of The Day, both of which are newer, fairly fluffy apps. Your Luck gives you a straightforward percentage of your supposed good (or bad) fortune, while Lover Of The Day picks out a random friend to be your “lover”, regardless of age, sex or familial relation.