New FriendFeed Leaves Beta

So finally, the new Friendfeed interface has been rolled out to the Friendfeed site. This means that starting today, prepare yourself to be “mesmerized” by the new FriendFeed home page design which has been in beta mode for the past couple of weeks. Of course, if you are an avid Friendfeed user you’d probably know that the major feature which Friendfeed is rolling out is the real-time updating of pages. This means that you don’t have to keep on hitting the refresh button just to seen latest updates from your Friendfeed contacts.
Aside from real-updating, the new Friendfeed also has the following features:

  • Enhanced share box – choose whom to share items with. Post something to multiple feeds or to just a few friends. You can also now direct message anyone who’s subscribed to you.
  • Saved searches – advanced search options for creating filters for easy access to the friends and topics you care most about. Filtering options such as seeing only entries that have certain keywords or entries with a certain number of likes or comments.
  • Friendfeed by Email – receive updates on your email as well as post updates via email. Post new items to your FriendFeed by emailing Post to groups by emailing, and send direct message to your friends by emailing

And some more new features which you can discover if you keep on using Friendfeed.
But if you’re one of those users who got a taste of the new Friendfeed interface during the beta test page, how do you like it so far? Or you don’t?