New French Reading App Now Available for Android

Numilog has just released a new reading app for Android. It supports DRMed Epub ebooks, and you can use it to buy from any one of 21 European ebookstores, including Gibert Jeune, Harlequin, Écosphère, DARTY, and Carrefour. Or you can buy direct from Numilog, whose ebookstore now has over 45 thousand titles from 200 publishers.

I don’t have the app in front of me, but I suspect it actually supports more than 21 ebookstores. You see, it is likely using the OPDS protocol to communicate with the ebookstores, and almost everyone uses OPDS now. This app might also work with Baen Books, Fictionwise, and Feedbooks.

The app is free, and you can find it in the Android Market. You can also find Numilog’s reading app on the iPhone, iPad.

via eBouquin