New Fox division looms; no more worrying that “The Hills Have Eyes” besmirches “Sideways”

EXCLUSIVE: FishbowlLA has learned that Twentieth Century Fox is considering launching a new genre film division – one that would be run by current Fox Searchlight topper Peter Rice, t_vdivorce_giano[1].jpg and staffed by current Fox Searchlight executives Jeff Arkuss and Lawrence Grey .

The move would allow Searchlight to protect its posh, prestige-ish movies like “Sideways” and “Bee Season”sideways.jpgfrom schlockier but highly profitable gore-fests like “28 Days Later” hills.jpg

and “The Hills Have Eyes.” Fox insiders say that Twentieth Century Fox co-chairman Jim Gianopulos (who looks smashing in yellow, it turns out) announced the plan at a company-wide “State of the Studio” speech late last week.

The move was met by heavy sighs amongst highbrow talent agents, one of whom groaned to Fishbowl, “Great. Just what the town needs – more genre movies.”