New Flip Video Cameras: 720p HD, 60fps, but No Optical Zoom

Flip’s relavitvely inexpensive and extremely easy to use video camera own the low-end video camera market. However, the steady improvement in video recordings made on smartphones have reduced the appeal of buying a separate video camera. Can Flip’s new model recapture its consumer audience?

Cisco Debuts All-New Flip Video Lineup

Here’s what Flip (now part of Cisco) has now:

– UltraHD 8GB, $199.99, 60fps
– UltraHD 4GB, $149.99, 30 fps
– MinoHD 8GB, $229.99, 60fps
– MinoHD 4GB, $179.99, 60fps

All of the video cameras can record 720p HD video. All include image stabilization. None have optical zoom (digital zoom is available). The 60 frame per second available on 3 of the 4 new models is interesting. But, optical zoom would have been a more appealing feature addition.