New 'Facebook Yearbook' Prints All Your Posts, Updates and Photos

"Yearly Leaf" now offering luxury moleskin coffee table books recording one year of your Facebook life.

The internet has a memory.
Perhaps we don’t think about it as often as we should – you know, that time you allowed yourself to be tagged in that photo where your guzzling from a keg, or that time you uploaded that video of you and your friends taboozing on new year’s eve – but nevertheless, each time we update our status or write on a friend’s wall, we’re recording our digital histories. has created a market for Facebook users interested in printing a tangible hard-copy of their Facebook life. The book, which is bound with a moleskine cover, captures one year’s worth of status updates, wall posts, and pictures, creating keepsake digital autobiographies for Facebook users.
The project is the brainchild of Mark Michael, who had the idea for YearlyLeaf when he realized how much of his life was uploaded onto Facebook. “Last year,” he tells me in an e-mail, “I traveled to Maui, Aruba, Puerto Vallarta, Panama, I started a blog, I spoke at two conferences, took up competitive sailing, got my brother on a reality TV show, attended eight concerts, walked a charity race, bought a car, turned twenty-eight and got engaged.”
Michael wanted to create a coffee table book that can be classified as both a conversation piece as well as a personal archive: “Until now” he says, “most of my memories were posted in the form of status updates and pictures [on Facebook].”
Yearly Leaf is in the early stages of launching their website, and is offering their luxury bound books at a reasonable price. For more information, or to order yours, visit