New Facebook Profile to Launch Next Week

Get ready for the new profile design to go live. Next week users will be able to start accessing the new profile design the week of July 14th. This will include the entire redesign which includes a redesign of the homepage and all other pages. Currently developers have been able to access the newly designed site for updating their applications. Many believe that new profile is going to negatively impact the viral growth of a lot of of the applications.

Facebook has yet to release any images of what the updated site will look like and probably won’t until the beta version is pushed live. Expect big changes though considering the new navigation bar and simplified profile design. The changes are substantial but Facebook has clearly prepped the developers thoroughly for the upcoming changes. There are a few main changes that Facebook suggests you make sure you’ve taken care of with your applications:

  • Start using require_login instead of require_add
  • Account for the changes to user_sessions.
  • Prepare your application for the new profile boxes

This is a huge change that many developers have been preparing for. It will be interesting to see how the usage statistics change or if they do at all with the launch of the new profile.