New Facebook Photo Album Layout Launching for Everyone, Showing Up to 200 Photos Per Page

Facebook has long said that it is prioritizing engagement over pageviews, and the latest evidence of that has arrived, in the form of its new photo album layout. You can now view up to 200 photos on a single page, ten times the previous 20 photos per page you could see in the previous layout. You don’t need to click through consecutive pages of an album this way, you can just keep scrolling down the page.

The company officially announced the change today (although we and many others have been seeing the change for weeks) and noted a couple other benefits to the new design. One is that additional photos on the page only load as you scroll down, so the change won’t slow down your browser; another is that the thumbnails are slightly larger, making the page easier to browse.

Photos have already been getting some upgrades lately, including the tag-a-friend option and larger sizes, and we expect more to come.