New Facebook Messages To Be Available To All Users

Today Facebook officially began expanding the rollout of the new messaging platform, promising that everyone will have access to it within a few weeks.

It’s been a long time coming. When Facebook’s aggressive new messaging system was announced last November, people expected that the rollout would happen gradually.

Last month, a batch of people received prompts to make the switch, and today Facebook announced that all other users will receive an invitation to migrate to the new messages platform “in the next few weeks.”

A Facebook spokesperson declined comment when asked how many people currently have access to the new messages platform. We’d received that same response when we’d covered last month’s phase-in of additional users.

Certainly the market seems ripe for Facebook’s new messaging platform, at least among teenagers, whose usage of email plunged 59 percent in a year.

Yet we wonder how those of you who already have the new messages enabled feel about the improvements, and whether the new messaging is already replacing web email. Have you sent email using an address yet, or are you only using sending messages to other people on Facebook? Do you have access to the new messaging platform, and if so, when did you gain access?