Facebook's New iPhone Application Adds Events

Yesterday Joe Hewitt posted screenshots of the new Facebook iPhone application which is expected to be released in the next couple weeks . What’s most important is the addition of events which was missing from the previous two versions. Joe claims that everybody is asking for push notifications but with thousands of contacts on the site, I’m honestly fine without it! Additionally the most recent version of the news feed will be turned on, making the old iteration of the news feed inaccessible.

Joe has been the sole programmer working on this project since the beginning. One product that’s still surprisingly is the Android version of Facebook, although according to at least one close source I’ve spoken to, an Android version should eventually be rolled out. Regardless of Android, Facebook’s iPhone application has proven to be a huge hit as one of the most downloaded (if not the most downloaded) applications on the platform.

The new iteration of the application also has a totally different layout from before, providing large buttons to make the various components of the application easier to navigate to. Another interesting feature is the ability to call people directly from your contact list, turning Facebook into your personal phonebook. Facebook Pages have also become an integral component of the application.

It’s interesting that they don’t just list Pages as part of your friends list as Facebook now does on their website. Then again the developers of the friends area of the site are probably working quicker than Joe who is running the iPhone project alone. Anyways, if you’d like to learn more about the upcoming release of the iPhone application, go check out Joe’s note about the upgrade.