New Facebook Home Page Now Live – Notes & First Impressions

As expected, Facebook has launched the redesigned Facebook home page this afternoon. Here’s how it looks:

A few thoughts and first impressions:

  • The default “filter” is “News Feed,” which appears to be all shared items by friends. You can filter your stream by network, public profiles, friend list, or application.
  • The prompt on the publisher now reads “What’s on your mind?”
  • Application feed stories seem a lot more prominent. For example, in the screenshot above, a feed story from the Easter Egg Hunt application is being shown.
  • The stream emphasizes status updates, like Twitter.
  • Every stream item has a “comment” and “like” link on it. It’s not hard to find feed story action links.
  • There is now a “send a gift” link next to every person listed in the expanded birthdays section.
  • The sponsored home page engagement ad hasn’t changed much – though it’s now higher in the page.
  • My “Highlights” currently contains items of the following types: links, video, pages/public profiles, photos, notes.

Update: Facebook also made a few subtle changes to the profile change with this release. Mainly, one-line feed stories are now grouped into clusters of 3 or 4, and these “Recent Activity” clusters alternate with explicitly shared items throughout the feed.

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