New Facebook for iPhone Application with Places Coming Tonight

Today at Facebook’s Places announcement, Facebook announced that the new features would be rolling out first on, and later on Facebook for iPhone, tonight.

Places will become a central part of Facebook’s mobile apps, enabling users to not only check in where they are, but also see which friends are nearby at that time, or have been there in the past. However, the content generated by people interacting with Places can still be seen by everyone on (and other mobile devices that may not support checking in on Facebook yet. Given the sensitive nature of location data, Facebook says that the default privacy settings for sharing Places will be to friends only.

Facebook for iPhone has long been one of the most widely used iPhone applications, and Facebook Places should only accelerate user engagement on the iPhone and other smartphones that support it. Facebook says it intends to roll out support to all mobile versions of Facebook.

Update: The app is now live in the app store.

Above, the Places page for Facebook HQ. Below, friends nearby.

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