200,000 Facebook Users Vote on New Design

Yesterday evening Facebook announced that over 10,000 members have joined their Town Hall groups to discuss the future terms of Facebook but that’s not what users really want to talk about. Instead, approximately 200,000 users have installed a new application called “New Layout Vote” which does exactly that: let’s users vote on Facebook’s new layout.

The application has gained significant traction, growing from around 60,000 monthly active users yesterday to 200,000 today. The application could easily reach 1 million in the next few days if the growth stays at this rate. One thing that the application doesn’t currently provide is the results of their poll. Instead it just asks users to vote and provides a comment wall where most users appear to be complaining about the new design.

What’s interesting is that many users were surprised when the new layout showed up on their homepage. During the previous redesign, Facebook requested user feedback and many users were ultimately involved in the process. This time around Facebook went ahead without letting users participate in the discussion.

The layout vote application has generated a massive response. There are almost 400,000 comments and close to 1,000 comments are being posted each minute. Previous changes by Facebook have regularly drawn massive responses but thanks to the application’s invite feature, the app appears to be spreading virally.

Also of interest is that the new design has appeared to have the exact opposite effect of what was planned. Now that users know Facebook redesigned the site to mimic much of Twitter’s functionality, many Facebook users are signing up for Twitter. In the past few days, a large number of my friends who never used Twitter before have registered.

Many have told me that they decided to take the plunge into Twitter because they wanted to see what all the fuss was about since Facebook felt it necessary to change their design to be more like Twitter. Regardless of why users are joining Twitter, there is now an application to let you vote on whether or not you like the new design. My only question now is: where are the results?

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