New Facebook Application Pages Go Live

Last week Facebook announced that applications would soon have their application pages upgraded to function like the new public profiles. This morning that functionality went live. For many applications this means another distribution channel for reaching users and encouraging them to return to the application. Some developers had already been promoting existing public profiles for their applications which resulted in millions of fans.

Now they’ll need to figure out a way to merge the two pages. Last week I wrote that this was a major upgrade for applications as empowers developers to keep a conversation with their users. While some applications aren’t in need of a new distribution channel (since they’ve already attracted highly engaged users), many others will need the channel to keep their applications going.

Not all application users are converted into fans however. Users must opt-in to become a fan even after they’ve become a user of any given app. Applications can encourage users to become fans from within their applications though. Along with granting permission to receive emails and publish news feed stories, this is one other action that developers should be encouraging their users to take.

Thankfully for many developers no encouragement is needed. Farm Town for example has attracted close to 200,000 fans without encouraging users to take any action. Many other applications have worked on building their fan base through public profiles and will now be forced to split time between their existing public profile and their application pages. Hopefully Facebook comes up with an effective way to merge the two.

Will you be taking advantage of the new distribution channel?