New Facebook App Lets You Earn Money When You Or Your Friends Shop

OtherPage launches a brand new app aimed at helping you earn money back from shopping at your favorite stores, just by sharing various deals with your Facebook friends.

OtherPage is looking forward to taking social shopping to the next level where shoppers’ can let their friends join in on their shopping experience. OtherPage Social Shopping, allows users to interact with their friends on Facebook by sharing their shopping experience and discussing the up-to-the minute coupons and online sale offered through OtherPage Merchants. According to OtherPage, LLC President Kevin McCarthy,

“We are pleased to provide this high level of functionality in a brand new service category. And we are especially pleased to launch our application on Facebook Platform,”

Those that shop through OtherPage Merchants and share their shopping experience are able to earn money back from a percentage of their total purchase and through discussions. Shoppers’ can also earn cash back from their friends when they sign up and make a purchase through the OtherPage merchants.

OtherPage users have access to a price comparison search engine that offers millions of products for shoppers to either browse, sorted by merchants or specific categories. If you find an amazing offer or just wish to review a product offered then let your friends know via the “start a conversation” link that will post your comment directly onto your Facebook profile.

When it comes to privacy, OtherPage offers a variety of privacy settings that can be changed by the shopper. When you make a purchase OtherPage only sees how much you spent and the merchant you made the purchase through and in some instances they can see what you have purchased. This can be changed via your privacy settings, and you can still earn money back.

If you have any questions or would like more information, you can call them at 1-888-9-CALL-OP or via email