New Facebook App Editor Goes Live

Earlier this week I wrote about Facebook application settings getting an upgrade. Last night the changes went live and you can view them by visiting your my applications page if you have already installed the developer application. It’s a small change but as Anthony Caponiti commented on the article earlier this week, “A simple change but one that eases the life of a developer.” For those developers churning out application after application, this will most definitely be a welcomed change.

Facebook needs to continuously upgrade their overall platform experience as they continue to compete for developer attention. As the company prepares to roll out the full version of Connect, platform upgrades continue to happen and we have now seen a number of upgrades take place. Still yet to be upgraded is the application directory, but I’d hope that such an upgrade comes soon.

It’s good that Facebook continues to push forward with their existing platform even as the Connect service evolves. We will continue to track upgrades as they take place on the platform.