Everything You Need To Know About The New Experimental YouTube Homepage

Following in the footsteps of Facebook, YouTube is changing up their user experience with a brand spankin' new feed-centric homepage. Read all about the features of the new homepage after the jump.

If you’ve logged onto YouTube over the last couple of days then you may have noticed that there was a button at the top of the screen asking, “Wanna try a different YouTube homepage?” Following in the footsteps of Facebook, YouTube is changing up their user experience with a brand spankin’ new feed-centric homepage. Now you can be an old curmudgeon and just keep on using the original homepage until YouTube makes it mysteriously disappear one night, or you can learn about how the new YouTube homepage is set up. I think you’ll find that it’s actually pretty great.

Before I get into the specifics of how the new experimental YouTube homepage is set up, I’d just like to say that personally I found the old homepage to be a complete waste of time. It never had any content I found truly interesting or relevant, aside from maybe the activities of the YouTubers I subscribe to. The new homepage changes all that with interactivity, list, feeds and more. You can start using the new homepage by opting in here, or from your own homepage, to follow along as we go through the features.

YouTube announced the new homepage and its features yesterday on the company blog. The new features are as follows.

Combined List: The new homepage is set up feed-style, with everything combined into one easy-to-scan list. Your subscriptions and friend activity are listed together with your recommendations. You can quickly scan through to see if there is anything of interest.

If you are only interested in seeing a feed of your subscriptions, simply click on the “Subscription uploads” tab at the top of the homepage, as you can see in the grey box on top of the screenshot below.

Delete Anything: See the little [X] on the thumbnail in the bottom left corner of the image above? By hovering over any of the videos in your homepage feed this [X] will appear and you can click on it to remove it from your feed.

Keep Track Of Viewed Videos: Videos that you have already watched will be grayed out on your home page so that you can tell that you have already seen them. This doesn’t mean you can’t still watch them. It is just to help you keep track of which videos you’ve seen and which you haven’t. You will notice that the two OK Go videos in the image above have been grayed out because the user has already viewed them.

Don’t Miss Subscription Uploads: If a YouTuber that you subscribe to uploads four videos on the same day you don’t have to worry about missing any of them. All four will show up in a row in the new feed, as the four Google videos show up in the image above.

Re-find Your Favorite Videos: When you like or favorite a video it will show up in your own news feed as well, making it easier for you to go back and find videos that you’ve recently watched and liked quickly.

New Easy Inbox: You’ll notice that the new experimental YouTube Homepage makes it a whole lot easier to access your inbox, to access recent messages and comments. The inbox appears at the very top of the feed in the grey box alongside the ‘All activity’ and ‘Subscription uploads’ tabs.

Load Much More: If you finish watching everything on your homepage and still aren’t satisfied you can click the ‘Load more videos’ button at the bottom of the screen to load and watch older videos from your feed.

YouTube provided a nice graphic describing each of the elements on the new experimental homepage (the images above are taken from YouTube’s graphic as well). You can click on the image below to see the larger version and, as always, be sure to let us know what you think of the new experimental homepage in the comments below!