New "Ex-Girlfriend" Worm Spreading Through Facebook

In the past hour I’ve noticed multiple users who have posted a message stating “My Ex-Girlfriend Cheated on me… Here is my revenge!” The image was not of their ex though. As a curious individual, I decided to click on the link to see if it was a virus or something else. The result was that I ended up posting the article to my profile and now it’s spreading around Facebook.

The key here is to not click the link if you see it on your friends’ profile or on your homepage. By using some creative CSS and an iFrame, this developer has triggered the “share” event every time a person clicks on the image displayed on the page. It’s a really creative trick, and one that I’m sure Facebook will block in a short amount of time but you should definitely be aware of the issue.

If you see an image like the one pictured below show up on your newsfeed or your profile: don’t click it!!