New eReader Pilot Program Launching Soon in Taiwan

The Taiwan Ministry of Education announced last week that it was about to launch a new program to promote eBooks and eReaders. A total of 6 institutions, consisting of 3 universities and 3 public libraries, have joined forces to encourage the use of eBooks.

The six participating institutions are the project are National Taiwan Normal University, Kun Shan Technology University, National Ilan University,  National Taichung Library, the Nantou County and Yilan County governments. At least 2 of the institutions already have extensive collections, and the government of Taiwan will be contributing NT$3 million to assist those that do not. The NTL currently offers over 10,000 e-books for online reading and the NTNU library has 330 e-books and 700,000 academic online publications.

“People’s reading habits are bound to change as technology improves with the introduction of e-books,” MOE Minister Wu Ching-ji said. “We hope to familiarize people with the use of electronic reading devices,” Wu added. “As long as an individual is equipped with such a device, he or she can read any book in the library without having to check it out.”

via Taiwan Today

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