New Emulator App Brings iPad Apps to the BB PlayBook

It’s not supposed to be possible to run apps from one OS on another, but as you can see from the above video it can be done. You’re looking at the latest work of one Crackberry Forums member who has been quietly working for some time now to build an emulator for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

What you’re looking at above are some well known iOS games, many of which have not been released for the Playbook. I’ll let the developer explain how he got them to work:

The CPU isn’t emulated on Playbook (though it is on Windows). It works very similarly to how WINE works to run Windows applications on Linux. The app binary is mapped into memory and imports are resolved to point to my own implementation of the various APIs needed. iOS actually uses a few open APIs already, which Playbook supports just as well (GL ES, and OpenAL). The bulk of the work has been in implementing all of the objective C classes that are required. The ARM code of the applications run as-is – the armv6/v7 support on PB/iDevices are pretty much identical, and the code is designed to run in USR mode. No SWIs, GPIO accesses or any of that kind of shenanigans.

All in all, it’s an impressive effort, but it doesn’t seem likely that we’ll ever see this app (or the related Windows app) ever be released. Knowing Apple, I would bet their lawyers are already sharpening their knives.