New Editors' Choice iPad App from The New York Times Offers More Free Content, but for How Long?

 NewYorkTimesiPad.jpg The mystery of the absence from the iTunes Store of the iPad app from The New York Times has been solved, and it represents good news for users of the Apple tablet — at least until the newspaper’s pay wall takes effect in early 2011.

The Times is updating its free Editors’ Choice iPad app to include breaking news, video, multimedia, and much more content than the previous version, paidContent reported, giving users with accounts or those who complete the free in-app registration process access to more than 25 sections and some 50 blogs. The app is slated to be available in the iTunes Store Friday, and the iPhone app will undergo a similar transformation, according to paidContent.

The revamped Editors’ Choice will also include improved navigation, full-screen photos, and sharing via Facebook, Twitter, and other social-media sites.

However, how much of this will change when the pay wall is erected in early 2011? New York Times Media Group senior vice president of marketing and circulation and general manager of reader applications Yasmin Namini told paidContent:

When we go to the pay model, there will always be something you can access without having a paid subscription. Whether it will be the free four sections you get without registering or something different, that’s to be determined later. But to access everything in full, a paid subscription will be required.