New eBookstore Launched – Jewish eBooks

A new ebookstore had its grand opening this past week, and it’s a welcome sight., which opened in 2010, is going to focus pretty tightly on just a couple niches in the book market.

It currently stocks books that reflect the Jewish culture as well as an extensive selection of title in the Hebrew language. very likely has the best Hebrew collection of any Ebookstore.

The eBooks do have DRM, unfortunately, but on the upside only sells eBooks in Epub, and that means it can work with most reading apps and eReaders (Kindle and iBooks excepted, of course). The site also recommends that you use Bluefire Reader, the iOS reading app, and it offers trouble shooting tips on how to get it to work.

The store’s founder, Yossi Levy, is also planning to expand the store to provide eReaders and accessories. “Our customers are savvy,” he says. “They want a one-stop shopping experience; we’ll give it to them: competitively priced Jewish E-Books, the latest devices, and everything they need to build their Jewish digital library.”

Personally, I’m hoping that he also decides to offer a conversion service. I’m sure any number of people would find a Hebrew-as-a-second-language conversion service useful.