New Digg Extensions for Firefox, Google Chrome

DiggLogo.jpgDigg rolled out new extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome, Chris Howard announced on the Digg Blog.

Howard described the new features in his post:

The new Chrome extension packs a lot of basic features in a small footprint:

The Digg count for any URL is displayed to the right of the browser’s address bar. Clicking this reveals the title and comment count for that URL, as well as the button to Digg it.

There are several simple ways to share any URL, including Twitter, Facebook and email.

In the case of the Firefox extension, we made a bunch of improvements to the current version:

To save space, we moved the Digg count and Digg button to the navigation bar, so the toolbar doesn’t have to be open for you to Digg stories.

The toolbar itself is shorter, and we’ve added a keyboard shortcut (Cmd+Shift+E) to make it easy to show and hide it. This makes it really simple to check out the Digg story details for a URL and then close it when you’re done.

We’ve made notifications of friends and popular story activity less intrusive by providing additional controls in the toolbar settings, such as notification thresholds and a smaller notification box.

Sharing via Twitter, Facebook and email are easily done via the toolbar. You can also right-click on any page to generate a Digg short URL.