New data on Facebook application virality

Facebook has unveilved new valuable marketing data to application developers that show which channels inside Facebook lead to the most application installations. While the stats are not perfect, they do provide new insight into how your Facebook users find and add your application.

The new feature, called “Application Adds by Facebook Referrer,” can be accessed from the “More Stats” page for your applications and clicking on the number of adds. Application Adds by Facebook Referrer provides install stats from the following channels:

  • Product Directory – how many users found your app in the application directory
  • Profile Box Add Link – the standard link Facebook places in the top right of your profile box
  • Add Application News Feed Story
  • Mini Feed Story
  • Facebook Search
  • Requests Page
  • From within your App – how many users clicked content within your profile box or another canvas page that led them to install your app

Here’s a sample stats page from a friend’s application. While the relative importance of viral channels will depend on your application, the vast majority of this app’s installs (over 80%) come from within the app or the profile box, while very few come from Facebook Search, Mini Feeds, or Requests.

The Product Directory actually drives more installs than I would have thought, though the Add Application News Feed Story drives less than I would have expected.

Kudos to Facebook for providing this first step toward an integrated marketing dashboard for Facebook app developers. This kind of data is extremely valuable as developers seek to optimize their apps to spread inside Facebook.