New Culinary Website for Working Chefs

Maybe it’s all of my Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen watching, but I feel the need to dish out the juice on GigaChef, a new Website designed by professional chefs that aims to connect cooks.

With an estimated six million employees, the food service industry can definitely use a social network of its own. Since many chefs are worried about slicing and dicing, they don’t have time to learn the ins and outs of technology. To this end, GigaChef purposely keeps the site’s functionality simple.From recipe storage, professional networking and vendor directories to purchasing forms and downloadable culinary spell check, GigaChef addresses what it perceives to be as a culinary online void.

“In this industry, reaching success is rigorous enough,” remarks Brefere, C.E.O. of “We don’t have time for the torture of hidden and scattered solutions – every minute counts and professionals need as many tools and resources as possible. As industry professionals, we built with the awareness of what we, ourselves need on a daily basis.”

GigaChef offers inspiration along with a healthy side of employment advice (including a resume program). The network is free to use and is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the culinary biz.