New Coins and Posters Unveiled for London 2012 Olympics

If you haven’t been following our occasional posts on the London 2012 Olympics, all you need know is that there are a lot of various accoutrement that come with such an event, and right now we’d like to catch you up on two just-released pieces to add to the pile. First, the official Olympic and Paralympic coins have been released. The former was designed by an architecture student, and features sort of exactly what you’d expect from this sort of thing (an image of the city’s skyline, icons of the various sports, etc.). However, it’s the Paralympic coin, designed by Pippa Sanderson, that wins our hearts. It cleverly incorporates a shot-up target, a bicycle spoke, a stop watch, and the face of Big Ben, all split into sections on one face of the coin. It’s interesting, fun, and beautiful, and bravo to the Olympic committee for selecting something more interesting than the usual. Second, the LOCOG has also unveiled the Olympic and Paralympic Posters. These are the “art” posters, and given that they include artists like Martin Creed, Tracey Emin, and Gary Hume, they’re more likely to be used to raise awareness of the London 2012 Festival (where they’ll be hosted at the Tate) than for the games themselves. Our favorite of the bunch is Bridget Riley‘s “Rose Rose,” which “has arranged colours in horizontal stripes, indicating the direction of athletic tracks or swimming lane.” They can all be seen here.