New Causes Application Looks to Raise Money Without Donations

The causes application has been up for almost a year now but many critics have complained about the lack of money earned for each cause even though millions of users have become supporters. “Support the Campaign for Cancer Research” has attracted over 3 million users and $61,440 has been donated. This amounts to approximately $0.02 per user. Dank Apps attempted to find a solution to this problem and came up with a set of ad supported social change applications.

Users earn money by generating karma points through inviting friends, sending gifts and participating in the community. As you earn more karma points, the donation goes up. Since launching yesterday, the Earn for Breast Cancer application has generated almost $63 wial ith only 212 users. If enough users join this application, it actually has a chance at generating substantial money for charities.

There have been other attempts at this on Facebook but so far they have failed. One of the breast cancer awareness applications required that you download a toolbar to earn money. The only problem with that is nobody wants a toolbar on their computer. As such Dank Apps thinks they have a solution. If the 3 million members that added the Campaign for Breast Cancer Research on causes, the application would generate $60,000 just for the users adding the app. After interacting with the application, significantly more could be generated.

If you want to help bring change but don’t want to make a donation, go install the Earn for Breast Cancer application, Earn for Aids application or the Stop Climate Change application.

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