New British Job Site Requires Applicants to Upload Videos

hello nametagImagine a world, if you will, where candidates not only upload their resume to a job site but they upload a video as well.

Well, across the pond in Leeds, a new job site called “Hello My Name Is” requires job seekers to post videos of themselves. After they create a profile, they can attach a resume and relevant documents and then upload a three-minute video.

This U.K.-based firm lets candidates control who sees the video and who doesn’t since they can change viewing settings for specific employers. And other candidates definitely don’t have access to see other candidates’ videos.

In turn, recruiters can manage their dashboards by viewing resumes. They can upload their own company videos to the site as well.

Kind of cool, yes? Some companies over here probably wouldn’t be too keen on it since videos open up candidates to potential EEO discrimination issues but still, we dig the entrepreneurial spirit. And what better way to exude your confidence, energy and passion than a video compared to a one-dimensional resume?

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