New Book Offers Tips On Starting A Magazine In the Digital Age

magdigitalageSo you think you wanna launch a magazine? Then maybe Mary Hogarth’s new book “How To Launch A Magazine In This Digital Age” will be your new Bible.

Hogarth, an author, lecturer within the features journalism program at Southampton Solent University in England, veteran writer at UK mags and and blogger at, wrote the book specifically for magazine entrepreneurs based on her years of experience.

What’s the book all about? The table of contents follows:

1. A gap in the market
2. Developing your magazine
3. Target audiences
4. Publishing strategies: print, digital & online
5. A sustainable business model
6. Branding and editorial concepts
7. Distribution strategies
8. Your team
9. Advertising & other revenue streams
10. Production: Print, digital & online
11. A successful launch

The experienced journalist and educator told PBS MediaShift the main challenges of launching a magazine in today’s digital landscape is distribution, diversifying revenues and determining how you will offer unique value to your market’s readers.

Finally, her biggest piece of advice for those who want to start their own mag?

“Know your audience. Without that, the magazine won’t work. You must know your audience. It’s the most basic starting point for any idea,” she said.

Hogarth’s book is available on paperback and for PDF download. Click here for more information on getting a copy.