New Bloomberg Markets Editor Talks Revamp

Joel Weber talks shop.

dimon_coverBloomberg Markets ended last year on a rough note — it cut publishing frequency and let 14 staffers go. The moves were part of a reimagining of the brand.

Now that the new Markets has launched, editor Joel Weber discussed what the future holds. Below are a few highlights from Weber’s interview with Bloomberg Media Forum.

On what makes Markets stand out:

The front of the book is dripping in functionality – that’s the most important thing we do. Our goal was, let’s make pages that are so good you want to rip them out, apply them to your life, and benefit from them. You can immediately use them. That, to me, is service.

On making use of Markets’ reduced frequency:

We began with the idea that there’s an opportunity for print to resonate – but it has to acknowledge that it’s different. We realized that a bi-monthly affords a different opportunity for deep engagement.

On how Markets makes use of Bloomberg Terminals:

One of my favorite stories [in this issue] is about an investor who made connections, some of them through the Terminal, that allowed him to create change on a global scale. Our journalists were covering the story for Bloomberg News — and I asked them to take a step back and write the meta-story for Bloomberg Markets.