New Apple “Retail Expert” Position Designed to Explain the New Tablet/Slate?

I’ve spent this week successfully resisting to comment on the various and numerous Apple slate/tablet rumors…

– Has a camera or not (has I hope)
– 10-inch display (consensus) or smaller (smaller I hope)
– Priced at under $1000 (priced way under I hope)
– Just a big iPhone (I hope it doesn’t require an AT&T or any other phone plan! I want a big iPod touch with optional 3G wireless data)
– Available in March or April (this month would be better 🙂

So, I’ve avoided discussing all of those topics here so far. But, this non-tablet/slate related news item got me wondering…

Apple ‘experts’ to debut in retail stores within weeks

I wonder if this new Apple “retail expert” position emerged because of the need to have people on the floor of each Apple store ready and willing to explain the iTablet/iSlate/iExpensive to the thronging hordes (is that redundant?) of potential customers?

All will be clear (I hope) by January 27.