New App Will Block Texting & Driving

The Iowa Department of Transportation is working on an app that would prevent drivers from texting and driving, according to a report in The Des Moines Register.

The app will be called TXTL8R. It will work by turning off the texting availability on a phone when it detects that it is in a car that is going over 15mph. The app which is slated for release early next year, would let parents monitor the driving and texting behavior of their teens. The app won’t be mandatory to get a license but it will be used as a part of driver’s education. Here is more from The Des Moines Register:

At the Iowa State Fair, where the DOT is promoting the teen driver app this week, reaction from parents, teens and others has been generally favorable. Free T-shirts advertising the app are being given away to those who obtain a certain score on driver’s safety practice tests.