New App Takes Facebook Profile Customization To The Next Level

The first profile customization application appears to take advantage of the new profile design.

When Facebook launched their new profile design, users suddenly had a new way to customize their Facebook profile. Now, application developers have noticed the new feature and we’ve now seen the first profile customization application.

“Profile Banner” is the first, in what I’m sure will be a large number of new applications that enable users to customize their Facebook profiles by modifying the images at the top of the new profile design. The application, which can be found here, provides users with a number of banner images which with one click, will be posted to their profile. I’ve posted a sample of the customization in the image below.

Ultimately, this is only the first of what I’d assume will be a massive wave of profile customization applications. MySpace, for example, had an entire industry built on the back of their profiles, all providing users with the ability to customize their profiles. Since the removal of profile boxes, that customization had completely disappeared from Facebook. With the new profile layout however, that has all changed.