New App Store For Robots

Have you ever fantasized about a robot that will clean your house and bring you a beer? Well robotics expert Elad Inbar wants to make this service available through robot apps.

He has created the Robot App Store where developers can sell apps that they have programed for popular household robots to do different things. For example, if you have a Karotz (a robotic rabbit), you can download an app to turn it into a radio, and another app to make it speak animal sounds. Another app turns the Aibo robot dog into a dancer.

Why create such a marketplace? According to the company’s website: “A marketplace is the bridge connecting knowledge-islands with end-users, and enabling an easy sharing of enrichments for every robot. This is [the] missing link in the chain; Without it, the robotics-industry will not be able to achieve the productivity and richness potential it deserves.”

If you can get over the whole Terminator aspect of this, it’s really pretty cool!

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