New App Scans Bars, Tells You Where The Hot Scenes Are

A watchful eye has arrived on your bar scene, but it’s here to check you out, not to keep you in check.

SceneTap is a recently relaunched app from a data analytics, marketing services and mobile app developer. While this app has long provide bar stats which have been submitted by users, a recent update added image recognition features which could come in handy. You no longer have to rate a bar; now you can just let it take a photo and let the app do the rest. The AP has more details:

“SceneTap’s ability to guess how old people are and whether they’re men or women relies on advances in a field known as biometrics. A camera at the door snaps your picture, and software maps your features to a grid. By measuring distances such as the length between the nose and the eyes and the eyes and the ears, an algorithm matches your dimensions to a database of averages for age and gender.”

It’s only starting with 25 bars in the San Francisco area,  but for those bars the app users won’t have to contribute any info. They just need to check the ratings.

I for one am glad that the pilot is so limited; it’s more than a little creepy. I’d prefer not to be cyeber-stalked like this, no matter how benign the purpose.

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