New AP US News Editor: World ‘Mesmerized by America’

suboreskes.jpgWhen we spoke with former International Herald Tribune editor Mike Oreskes earlier today, he told us that his new job as US news editor for the Associated Press came about in “the most serendipitous way.” (Seriously, this is how he talks.)

“I’ve known [Associated Press executive editor] Kathleen Carroll for a long time,” he says. “We were having lunch and she was talking about wanting to have a greater unification of the tremendous journalistic talent that the AP has deployed all over the States.” As the pair discussed the role further over a series of conversations, it made more and more sense for Oreskes, who was eager to return to the States, to take the job.

He will work out of the AP’s main office in New York starting this summer. He says one of his main challenges as “helping to frame coverage of America for the rest of the world. People all over the world are just mesmerized by America.”

After the jump, his note to IHT staffers.

Dear friends and colleagues,

For three wonderful years we have worked shoulder to shoulder producing one of the great miracles of journalism, a newspaper and website with a truly global perspective. My admiration for your devotion, skill and determination grew each day. Together, we have achieved an enormous amount. We took a great newspaper and made it even better. We took a growing Web site and made it a go-to place for news and observations about the global community.

We built an Asia operation that connected us with our audience there in a palpable and exciting way. We set the IHT on the road of integration with the New York Times. We expanded business news to keep our report relevant in a changing world. We improved our journalism and, in the spirit of the age, reduced our costs.

All told, we have built the base for a vibrant global future for our company.

Now, my time has come to take up a new challenge. Geraldine, Ben, Louisa and I will be returning home to New York where I have accepted the new post of Managing Editor of The Associated Press for United States News. It is a great new challenge. Many exciting times lie ahead.

But I will miss you, our courageous band of journalists, who do so much with so little. I leave with a feeling of satisfaction for the work we have done together and a great confidence that you will continue to build.

Journalism has a bright future and so does the IHT as the global edition of The New York Times. What we all need to do is to continue to invent, create and imagine ever new and better ways to reach our audience. Our relationshipo with our audience is what will carry us through these difficult times.

In my remaining weeks I plan to say a more personal farewell to each of you. I owe you all so much. You have been my teachers, my colleagues and my friends. I have been very blessed. Blessed with a wonderful partner, Alison, whose passion for this place is unsurpassed. With Bob and Len and Katherine and all my masthead colleagues who kept us on a steady course in spite of me. With a reporting staff that covers more territory than sometimes seems physically possible. With a desk of fine editors, the heart and soul of the IHT, who understand who we are and how to make sure we stay that way despite the unrelenting pressures of time and space and finances. And finally, of course, with Sarah and Isa. I am nothing without them.

I am not saying good-by, since I plan to see you all as often as you will invite me back to visit. But I will say, here now and again and again in the weeks ahead….

Thank you.

Oh, and by the way, I am leaving the coffee machine for you.