New Alleged Polanski Rape Victim Comes Forward

New Roman Polanski rape allegations have come to light after a woman contacted the LA County DA’s office about a 1974 incident that happened when she was 21-years-old.
RadarOnline has the story:

Edith Michelle Vogelhut, a former model also known as Shelli Paul, told authorities Polanski “handcuffed” her at actor Jack Nicholson’s Hollywood house where he was staying, then sodomized her repeatedly, before he passed out.

Vogelhut’s description eerily resembles the 1977 incident where Polanski gave champagne and Quaalude’s to 13-year-old Samantha Geimer and raped her in Nicholson’s hot tub.
Vogelhut’s attorney, Michael Griffith, told RadarOnline, “I’m not planning on filing a civil lawsuit against Mr. Polanski as I think the statute of limitations has expired. (However) I’m in contact with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office regarding the criminal case.”
H/T LA Observed