New Air New Zealand Videos Introduce Sheep Twins, Economy Seating

Air New Zealand, which is now known for its videos as much as anything airline-related, has launched a new set of clips starring Mason & Jason, a pair of conjoined sheep. The sheep twins are actually introducing the Economy Skycouch, a new way to fly coach with more room to stretch out.

A NY Times story from April goes in-depth on the ANZ videos — how popular they’ve become on YouTube, and how they promote a relatively small airline from a small country.

“It’s quite a challenge getting people talking about Air New Zealand in international markets when in reality we’re a nation of about 4.5 million people at the bottom of the world,” said Mike Tod, GM of marcomms for the company, at the time.

No word from an ANZ spokesperson about whether the videos are tied to business results, but the videos have attracted tons of viewers and guests like Snoop Dogg, David Hasselhoff, and some very confident flight staff.

CRT/Tanaka does PR work with the airline.