New Adobe CEO to Focus on Online and Mobile

Adobe.jpgExpect a measured expansion from Adobe’s traditional businesses into online services and mobile computing, says incoming Adobe Systems CEO Shantanu Narayen, according to a CNET News report:

“Narayen was named president and CEO of the Silicon Valley company on Monday. He will succeed his mentor, Bruce Chizen, at the start of December. Nayaren had been president and chief operating officer and was one of the architects behind the 2005 merger with Macromedia.”

Narayen said that applications written for AIR, Adobe’s next major platform, as well as Flash will help Adobe expand its reach further into mobile devices, set-top boxes, and gaming machines. Currently, they’re already doing that a bit with CS3 applications, such as their Mobile Device Center, which lets Web designers preview pages on a variety of virtual “cell phones” in different lighting conditions.

Next CEO aims to take Adobe mobile while staying grounded [CNET News]