New “Fame” Game Increases Twitter Following For One Winner Each Day

Having a bazillion untargeted followers on Twitter is pretty meaningless (mostly), just as having a ton of money doesn’t mean you’ll be happier in life . . . but wouldn’t it be kind of fun to have both anyway?

Offering “Twitter Fame” to one lucky winner each day, participants just need to connect their Twitter accounts to the site to be entered to win. This connection is key to the site’s success because when Fame picks a winner each day at noon (EST) every Twitter account playing Fame will automatically follow the winner. So all you have to do is link your account once and you’re entered to play every day! And if you share the site on your social networks, you get five additional entries for every person signing up using your link.

Who created this game and why? Adam Ludwin, Principal at RRE Ventures, and some developers created it with the goal of giving one random Twitter user more followers for a day than Lady Gaga. As he shares with, “Why do you have to be famous to be famous?” says Ludwin. “Why can’t everyday people be famous?”

There’s a catch, of course. The winner’s “fame” lasts for only one day and then that same handy app that allowed everyone to automatically follow you, automatically has all of your newfound fans unfollow you. Bummer. But if you make those 24-hours fantastic, you just might entice some of them to stick around – so be ready to razzle dazzle if you win!

Fame will need to have 22 million participants to match Lady Gaga – lofty goal. As of right now, there are less than 1,000 people entered, but it only launched today. I predict this site will get really popular, really fast. Do you plan to participate? If so, good luck!

(Fame photo from Shutterstock)